"Oh! If he only knew, Love fills that well. "

"Thinking about South Africa's situation at the moment made me think about something I read in Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer. (pg 157). During a drought, the farmer who supplied Mary Baker Eddy's household with milk was feeling the impact of the lack of rain. His well was empty.  When she was told about this she said, "Oh! If he only knew, Love fills that well. " The next morning his well was full of water. And it hadn't rained. Her deep prayerful understanding and trust in God as ever present Love healed many and the book is full of these stories, so I too affirmed in my prayer, God's, or divine Love's, ever presence for Africa and all its people. I am loving the message that has come back from South Africa in response to all our prayers that there has been a light rain overnight!"

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