Praying for World Issues Including the Weather!

Whilst praying about world issues ‘Hurricane Patricia’ was flagged up in the news as ‘potentially catastrophic’ heading for the Mexican coast at a speed of around 200 mph. I felt impelled to include this with immediacy in my daily prayer.

I had already been praying for all peoples with the definition of children from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy which says in part…
“Children. The spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love”.
(SH 582:28-29)

From the Bible, ‘Life, Truth and Love’ are what I understand God to be. His spiritual thoughts and representatives are his children, his totally spiritual creation. God governs his children/creation and I realised I could include the right spiritual idea of weather in this definition.

I contemplated more ideas such as….

Moral and spiritual might belong to Spirit, who holds the “wind in His fists;”
(SH 192:17-18)

And…..“Erring power is a material belief, a blind miscalled force, the offspring of will and not of wisdom, of the mortal mind and not of the immortal. It is the headlong cataract, the devouring flame, the tempest’s breath. It is lightning and hurricane, all that is selfish, wicked, dishonest, and impure.”
(SH 192: 11-16)
So….. I reasoned that as all Gods thoughts/ideas are his children, which included the weather, this ‘erring power’ ( or potentially catastrophic hurricane) had no power as we recognise Spirit/God as the only power and therefore all that could be expressed was dominion, purity, harmony, balance and calm, ‘as in heaven, so on earth God is omnipotent, supreme’. I kept praying along these lines until I felt at peace.

The next day it was reported that the Hurricane missed both the points of contact predicted, Manzanillo Port and the beach resort of Puerto Vallarta threading its way between them, slowed down as it approached land, weakened, was downgraded and within two hours the British embassy in Mexico tweeted that the worst appeared to be over. Major damage also appeared to have been avoided.
I looked on the CS Monitor website and found this heading.
Before fizzling out, Hurricane Patricia set a new record as the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.
I was so grateful to hear this. On another smaller occasion gales had been forecast in our area all day and it was already very windy and wet outside. I asked my daughter if she’d like to pray about the weather to which she didn't answer. I prayed to trust that God governs all harmoniously including weather. At this point she took note because the wind suddenly stopped, the sun came out immediately and I hung out the washing!
As these are not the only times I have experienced good in opposition to an opposite prediction I prefer to know that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much!

Praying for World Issues Including the Weather!

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