Man's first step on the moon...
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From Susan...

This week we have been hearing a lot about man’s first step on the moon.  Some of us will remember very clearly seeing this live on  the television and hardly believing what we were seeing.  For thousands of years mankind has dreamt of going into space and looking back at the earth, and now it was happening before our very eyes!


As exciting as this event was at the time, over the last few days I have been considering how it relates to my experience today.  First I thought of the many qualities of God, Spirit which were clearly seen at the time.  What wonderful examples we had.  There was the unlimited thought which in the beginning took a never-done-before idea and said “This is possible” and then went ahead to realise it even if it took a long time and much effort and persistence.  There was the obvious courage of the astronauts and their families.  The intelligence, care, precision and exactness of all involved.  The gratitude and joy when the men returned.  And the beauty of the earth as we had never seen it before.  As reflections of God, the source of these qualities,  we can all express them in our everyday lives.  Mrs Eddy tells us in Science and Health (255:1-3) “As mortals drop off their mental swaddling-clothes, thought expands into expression.”   I ask myself “Am I open to new ideas or just satisfied with what has always been?  Am I willing to work hard to focus my thought on the good and real image of myself and others as God’s children?  Do I listen quietly for God’s guidance?  Do I appreciate and care for the beauty around me?  And, very importantly, am I grateful?”  I’m sure you could add to this.


In taking this further I looked up some more citations in the Bible and Mrs Eddy’s writings regarding, moon, space, stars for a start.  The Bible says in Psalms (8:3) “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him?”  In referring to the verse in the first chapter of Genesis where God created the lights in the firmament of heaven Mrs Eddy writes in Science and Health (509:13) “This text gives the idea of the rarefaction of thought as it ascends higher.  God forms and peoples the universe.  The light of spiritual understanding gives gleams of the infinite only, even as nebulae indicate the immensity of space.”


Yet another wonderful well known passage from Science and Health  praises the infinity of God.  “Unfathomable Mind is espressed.  The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space.  That is enough!”(520:3-5)

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