Acknowledging GOD'S law to challenge increased street violence
via The Christian Science Sentinel

From one church member, when she was praying about knife crime in Britain...

“I love this verse in Jeremiah :

"I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people."

Jer 31:33
From Concord Express - A Christian Science Study Resource: The King James Version of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's published writings

For me, this means that each and every person has God’s law right within them. God’s law is good and is absolute. It does not need to be acquired by anyone as it is known, and is each person’s guiding force. In essence, this law is the GPA or SatNav. for each of us. As God is absolute and All, there is no influence of environment, culture, lack or anything else as it is clearly stated in Genesis 1:31 that “God saw everything he made, and behold it was very good.”.

Praying a bit deeper, God’s law includes the law of Truth- knowing what is right and wrong, the law of Love- loving each neighbour as yourself and each person feeling God’s infinite love and sense of inclusion, the law of Life- which knows immediate satisfaction in God’s goodness and declares that Life is eternal and the law of Mind- with only one influence ever present guiding each and every thought of each of God’s beloved children.”


And from another church member who was alerted through her prayers about 'conflict' to pray deeply about 'peace' in her daily life ...

"Can I really make a difference?"

"In thinking generally about peace – peace at home, at work, in my community and the world, I have been considering just how my prayers can make a difference!

Perhaps we all experience different levels of ‘conflict’ every day.   Some of these are hardly noted and quickly dealt with, others rumble on in the background in our lives and other situations arise in extreme and challenging ways.

I felt I needed to be more alert, each day, to express more love, speak more lovingly and find ways of sharing more love.  This proved to be quite a challenge as sometimes I found myself reacting negatively  - irritated by drivers on the road, poor service in shops, irritating comments from people, aggressive reports in the news and on social media.  To be honest I was rather surprised how often I reacted negatively these daily ‘conflicts’!

So what was I going to do about this? I prayed to acknowledge that as the sons and daughters of God we all reflect His qualities of patience, selflessness, consideration, gentleness, joy and affection.  In affirming and recognizing these qualities in myself and everyone else, moments of ‘conflict’ began to lessen each day and when they did come into my experience I was able to be much more alert about HOW I reacted.   

However I remained concerned about how my prayers for the world could possibly make a difference.   My studies led me to an article in the Christian Science Sentinel written by Diane Trew Funke  (July 16, 1979 issue) 

The title is ‘Our individual peace efforts’ and I continue to find such inspiration in it.

(Click on the above link to read the article)

‘But God's man (the real you and me) is not materially defined. God's child is perfect, since the perfection of the Father is evidenced in the perfection of His reflex image, man. Ungodlike qualities such as aggressiveness, prejudice, hatred, and revenge are therefore unmanlikequalities, and man cannot express them. With this reasoning, it's clear that the derivative (man) cannot incorporate anything not inherent in the antecedent(God). Man is only what God made him to be, nothing more nor less.’

I found this section of the article particularly helpful and the last sentence is a simple but powerful statement and a daily reminder for me, if situations arise when I need to reverse some sort of ‘conflict’ with a spiritual statement and healing prayer.  


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