In December, 1904, the Boston Globe published an article by Mary Baker Eddy entitled “How strife may be stilled” (see Miscellany p 278). It reads in part:

The First Commandment in the Hebrew Decalogue - “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” - obeyed, is sufficient to still all strife. God is the divine Mind. Hence the sequence: Had all peoples one Mind, peace would reign. God is Father, infinite, and this great truth, when understood in its divine metaphysics, will establish the brotherhood of man, end wars, and demonstrate “on earth peace, good will toward men”.

And this “Prayer for Peace”, written by Mrs. Eddy, was published in the Christian Science Sentinel, June 17, 1905 (see Miscellany p 279). It reads:


Dearly Beloved: - I request that every member of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, pray each day for the amicable settlement of the war between Russia and Japan; and pray that God will bless that great nation and those islands of the sea with peace and prosperity. MARY BAKER EDDY


You may also like to read and pray with the ideas shared in this article - “God with us” all - written by Jeannie Ferber, a Christian Scientist with longstanding ties to the region.

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