I’d like to share a healing I had earlier this week. I’d had a demanding time taking care of a family situation and as I said to my husband, ‘I’m feeling topsy turvy’ both mentally and physically. Words I’ve never used before and can only think they might even have come from a Gilbert and Sullivan opera!

I went to my quiet place to be still and to listen and as I was settling papers, just one fell on the floor. Picking it up it was a Sentinel Feb 17th 1945 article, “Man Never Under Pressure.” by Paul Stark Seeley. And I quote the last part of the first paragraph: ‘Probably most of us have encountered some hectic days when things have seemed to be at sixes and sevens, and we have felt as though something has set our world all topsy-turvy.” The very words that had come to me! This was just what I needed, I settled down, gained a lot from the ideas in the article and within a short time I was back to normal and eating again.

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