Our wider prayers

I recently recalled these wise words shared many years ago.

“Our prayers for ourselves and our home will bless anyone who comes to our home whether to work or do a repair job – just be ready!”

A few days before Christmas a telephone engineer came to install new equipment only to learn it had been done on a previous visit. So, having 45 minutes to spare we had a cup of tea and time for a chat! He offered to update some equipment which he was then glad to connect to our other devices.

He said he’d just returned from a holiday. He was with a group of young men who spent most of the week getting drunk and sleeping till the afternoon. He thought it such a waste of life as there had been many wonderful things to do at the resort - he been enjoying kayaking with the dolphins!

He then recounted his near death surfing experience when hitting a wave at the wrong angle. He was dangerously churned over by the ensuing waves and thought that was the end, when a couple of jet-skiers appeared, and pulled him out of the water. He didn’t use the word ‘miracle’ but something like it!

On asking him about his family he said he no longer saw them as they were into drugs, crime and prison and he didn’t want to be dragged into that. He said he thought of going to Ireland for Christmas (had no family there) where he’d meet people at the pub – which is what people do.

He said he had had a severe motorbike injury in his previous job and was in constant pain which he could manage each day. My heart went out to him and I listened for an angel message as to how I could help him. We hadn’t talked of spiritual things, so giving him a Science and Health or a Sentinel wasn’t appropriate. I then remembered my “God’s Law of Adjustment” pamphlets. I popped one in an envelope and as he left, said “This is for you and you might enjoy reading the ’story’ at the end.”

God had brought him to our home and he left with something that might just give him some new ideas that could change his life.


Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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