No time lapse in healing!

I was returning from a celebratory party to launch a television channel where I was working. I was a passenger in a car when it swerved off the road landing in a ditch. I was the only one injured. I was taken to hospital, strapped up, and warned that the protruding shoulder bone could be a problem in later years - and was taken home. From time to time I coped with twinges of pain in the shoulder. Soon after leaving the television company I was introduced to Christian Science. My dad, a doctor, experienced in medical accident claim cases engaged a prominent lawyer to start proceedings to sue the television company. I was so filled with the new ideas I was discovering in Christian Science I didn’t feel part of the legal plans being hatched. However, my mother, newly interested to Christian Science was so disturbed she called a Christian Science practitioner and asked her to pray. While I don’t recall the truths they shared, I do remember that it was as if a tap had been suddenly turned off. My dad instantly dropped his plan to sue, my shoulder resumed its normal shape and I was healed of pain. And from that moment nothing more was ever mentioned of the experience. This bible verse tells us not to underestimate the immediacy and precision of God’s immense power that is always operating. When we bow to the truth, an accident and its timing are erased from thought and healing is instantaneous.

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