Love meets our needs

On the wall of our auditorium, here at Claygate Church, there is a quote from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, who was the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. It reads:

'Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need' (Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy p.494)

It is a sentence that will be very familiar to many Christian Scientists all over the world and I have often used it in my prayers when supply in my life, in any way, seemed challenging or lacking.

'Meeting a need' can be defined as 'providing something because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable'. This of course may be a financial need but could also include a need in a relationship, a need at work or at home, a need in our community or indeed in our world.

As a Christian Scientist, I understand that Divine Love or God is my spiritual Father, Mother. I reflect all the spiritual qualities that God expresses and as a child of God I am complete, loved and protected. In my own experience, there have been many times when 'my human need' has been met through prayer, acknowledging this relationship that I have with God, and trusting that His unchanging love and constant protection will care for me and mine.

Human challenges relating to finance, jobs, relationships and health have been resolved in ways that I simply couldn't have outlined and on many occasions what I thought was my need wasn't my need at all and a different and much better solution has been found or it has become to clear to me that my 'need' was more a 'want' and so I just didn't to go on thinking about!

Each day I continue to be grateful for all my 'human needs' being met. Financial needs are always resolved, often in the most unexpected ways. Opportunities to work are varied and many times finance becomes available just before a payment is needed. New friendships and interests have become valued additions in my life and I feel very blessed indeed.

In the Christian Science Hymnal, number 342 is such a helpful reminder about our needs being met by Divine Love, our Father Mother God.


This is the day the Lord has made; be glad, give thanks, rejoice;

Stand in his presence, unafraid, in praise lift up your voice.

All perfect gifts are from above, and all our blessings show

The amplitude of God's dear love which every heart may know.


The Lord will hear before we call, and every need supply;

Good things are freely given to all who on His word rely.

We come today to bring Him praise not for such gifts alone

But for the higher, deeper ways in which His love is shown.


For sin destroyed, for sorrow healed, for faith and peace restored;

For Life and love by Truth revealed, we thank and bless the Lord.

This is the day the Lord has made, in praise lift up your voice

In shining robes of joy arrayed, be glad, give thanks, rejoice.


So today and every day I am being glad, giving thanks and rejoicing!

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