How prayer Helped on a very stressful journey!

We were keen to support a concert being conducted by one of our organists, as was another member who came along with us, as three of our Sunday School pupils and one of our members were singing and playing a variety of instruments.

Due to an unexpected traffic diversion that took us miles away from our destination, we realised that we were going to be late.  It was time to pray, which we did, knowing that God the one Divine Mind was guiding us.

We eventually found ourselves outside the church twenty - five  minutes late and not a parking spot in sight. We had been told that if this was the case we would have to drive on towards the next village!

We turned around and as we did so a woman came out of the church got into her car leaving her space exactly opposite the Church for us!

The Church was packed and collecting our tickets we asked where shall we sit? and the reply was the three seats in the front row!! We were just in time to see and listen to one of Sunday School pupils play his trombone solo!!


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