Healing of a loved pet

A few weeks ago, I glanced at one of our cats and realised that one of her eyes was swollen shut and I could see a large bloody spot on it.

At first I was alarmed though almost immediately my thought was flooded with images of how unselfish this pet had been during the holidays. She had curled up alongside people whenever they seemed to need that reassurance, waited patiently outside each bedroom door for family members to wake and had basically purred her way through the holidays rejoicing in the joy of the season.

A few minutes later I had reason to glance her direction and saw that her eye was perfectly normal with no sign of the bloody spot or any swelling. It was as if I had imagined it all.

Wow! What a great reminder of the power of Love, God.

On page .412, in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mrs Eddy writes 'The power of Christian Science and divine Love is omnipotent. It is indeed adequate to unclasp the hold and to destroy disease, sin and death."

The rest of the day I remained in awe of this healing. Yet, I realised that while it was right to be grateful and to praise God, I needed to be alert to not accepting that there had ever been a problem or a moment of imperfection.

I continue to thank God for this expression of divine Love and for the applicability of Christian Science to every situation.

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