God, our best friend

One evening before Christmas we had a number of our closest and most long-standing friends over one evening. It was such a happy occasion and I have thought about it often since then.

I have also been appreciating even more all the wonderful qualities they each expressed and I am still adding to my list but here are some to share now.




Moral strength












As a Christian Scientist I understand that we are all the children of God, His spiritual reflections, loved and cared for by Him. God expresses every spiritual quality we could ever think of and as we reflect Him, it naturally follows that we have the innate ability to express all, and more, of the qualities I have just listed.

We may have friends we might consider ‘our best friends’ perhaps people we dearly love, have known for along time, share similar interests with or those who have supported us through difficult times.

However, I began to appreciate more clearly that in fact my best friend, my constant companion, my unfailing support was God and I can turn to Him for my every need and be assured that He will always ‘comfort, guard and guide’. (Hymn 99)

In the Christian Science Hymnal, number 541 seems to perfectly encapsulate the idea of God being the very best friend any of us could have.

O God, my Friend and Guardian, in all my times of need

I yield me to your guiding and follow where you lead.

No shadows of the darkness will dim the light you send

And night becomes the morning By Your divine command.


Forever Father Mother, Your children everywhere

Are cherished in Your loving, Your kind, Your perfect care.

All knowing and All seeing, All powerful, divine

I know Your ever presence is healing all mankind.


You sent your Son as Saviour that joy and health increase

Your justice and Your mercy will give the world its peace.

And when I humbly listen, I know my Guide is wise

The pathway may seem rugged, but heaven is its prize.

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