Mary Baker Eddy writes, “God guides every event of our careers”. In his work as a software engineer, our son has often companioned with the idea that Mind is guiding his career, and that he can wholeheartedly trust this guidance.

During the last few years, our son has been employed as a computer programmer, and more latterly as the Team Leader in the software department of the company where he works. In recent months, he had begun to feel that he had achieved what he could within the company, but they had been so good to him over the years that he didn’t feel comfortable about handing in his notice!

A Christian Science practitioner once said to me, “Only Mind’s placement and timing is going on. You can trust it”. Our son was confident that Mind was at the helm of his working life, and that Mind had already figured out his way. Having said that, he was dismayed to learn one morning that he was being made redundant... his particular programming projects had dried up, and there was no longer enough work to keep him fully employed.

Mrs. Eddy’s words seemed particularly pertinent at that moment, “There is no redundant drop in the cup that our Father permits us”.

But no sooner had our son been made redundant when a remarkable thing happened. The CEO called him into his office, apologised profusely for terminating his employment, and promptly announced that he had secured a similar position for him with another company!

Without having to lift a finger or go job-hunting, his next job was already in place....and it was tailor-made for him in every respect! His redundancy payment covered the weeks when he had to prepare for his new job, and he has now moved seamlessly from his previous position to his present employment.

Needless to say, our son’s gratitude for this unfoldment is profound. His experience echoes the promise we find in the Bible, in the book of John: “I go to prepare a place for you”.


Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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