God and Taxes


I want to share an experience I had after my husband passed on in the US..    Earlier he’d been working for the Christian Science Church in Boston.   As I began to settle his affairs, I soon found myself embroiled in a tug-of-war with the American tax authorities, the  IRS.    Basically, I had to ensure that I would  be able to care for myself financially, back in the United Kingdom. 

I had to lean totally on God, and trust He would carry me through the process.  Working with an efficient but brusque  US  tax attorney, I had to remind him I was newly alone and doing the very best to help him.  I asked him to go more slowly and understand my position which, thankfully he did.    He asked me for specific dates of old tax documents - and with more prayer I was able to lay my hands on them.  Unfortunately,  the voluminous material that he and I provided did not satisfy the IRS. 

When I listened more deeply for God’s guidance I recalled  Mrs Eddy’s words in  Unity of Good that  “…. neither red tape nor indignity hindered the divine process.” 

I reasoned that my husband’s  work over many years for the  Church  had been an expression of the “divine process” which was intended to bless the world. I reasoned that I was part of this “divine process” and could only be blessed.  

At this point I had to engage  a UK tax  accountant, who felt we needed a UK lawyer, who specialised in British nationality and  international tax matters.    Astoundingly, he  unearthed  an identical case of an Englishman who had passed on in Australia many years ago.      To my great joy, this precedent won the case. 

Later, I asked myself what did this long and arduous 5 year dispute teach me. I learned to listen, really listen and trust.  I learned  God’s angel thoughts were my companions and would help me, as they had done for many in the Bible. 

We may ask what is it like to be alone and tackling  problems like this.   Actually,  we’ll find that  we move into a new mental realm where we feel the presence of angel thoughts.  All we need to do is learn to be still, very still, to listen and patiently wait for the blessing that will undoubtedly come. 


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