We have probably all heard of the radio channels, FM and AM. These channels enable us to tune into our favourite programmes at a moment’s notice. As I understand it, AM stands for “amplitude modulation”. In the early days, the AM radio channel was susceptible to interference, but when the FM channel was developed, it was immune to any interference, enabling FM’s broadcasts to be heard clearly and without interruption.

Recently, I was in email contact with a dear friend. During our email conversation, she shared a very helpful analogy, which I have been pondering ever since. She wrote: 

“When my kids were young, we used to talk about God as Father- Mother, or FM, and animal magnetism as AM. We used to say: ‘When an issue arises, what channel are you plugged into, FM or AM?’ Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that work for me”.

So when we connect or tune into FM (our Father-Mother), we will experience peace and wholeness and healing. But if we listen to the whisperings of AM (animal magnetism, or mortal mind), we will experience all sorts of interference and distortion and noise!

Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health: “The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man”. Tuning in to FM, or our Father- Mother, we will hear legions of angel thoughts, those spiritual intuitions which are always at hand to heal and bless.

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