Conversation in an Antique Shop

"I was praying that God’s goodness and harmony were blessing everyone that day when visiting shops on a village high street.  My husband and I expressed pleasantries to a lady in one shop only to meet again later in another.

We chatted and I learned she was from abroad but loved living in the UK.  Our conversation moved quickly from antiques to world problems onto the deeper things of God which we warmly shared together and whilst not recalling the exact  sequence she suddenly asked me what I believed.  I told her I was a Christian Scientist  explaining  it was nothing to do with Scientology of which she was aware. She listened intently as I explained a few of the principles of God’s law of goodness for everyone.    She nodded enthusiastically adding that she’d realised that a physical condition she experienced had a much deeper basis for spiritual healing.   As we parted she looked at me intently and said “You’ve got very good vibes!!”   As we parted, I thought "yes, that is the Christ light shining!”    

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