Blessings from Lockdown

When the lockdown for Covid-19 was announced in the UK ten weeks ago I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, the novelty of it soon wore off and I began to realise that for the foreseeable future I would not be able to see my family and friends, go to church, go out except for food and exercise or join in the musical and social activities which I enjoy. Worst of all, however, was the label put on me as “vulnerable”, declaring that it was unsafe for me to be out and about. The Oxford Dictionary defines “vulnerable” as “weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally”. This was certainly not me! In Christian Science I have learnt that I am the complete expression of an all-good God who is Love. This is my armour and protection and nothing can penetrate it. As our Sunday School pupils proclaim “I am in the circle of Love”. As I live on my own the other label the world would like to put on me is “isolated”. How could this be when I am always at one with my Father-Mother-God, never separated from His care and companionship.

I must admit that there are quiet days when it is harder to remember these right ideas but the more I take my stand and insist on the truth of them the easier I find it to have a happier, productive day with opportunities to be grateful and express love to others, perhaps as a phone call to a fellow church member or a friend or a smile to a stranger in the queue in the supermarket. From a practical point of view I have progressed in many ways: my virtual communication skills have improved no end and I am grateful to be able to attend all my church services and some other activities online; I chat to my son and daughter regularly and have even tried virtual baking with my grandchildren; my house has had a good spring clean and my garden brings me a sense of renewal and beauty; I’ve read a lot of books; I know my neighbours much better and we have even had some”socially distanced” gatherings; my needs have been met and my family has not expressed any fear for my welfare.

The list could go on but the greatest benefit of this time has been the opportunity to slow down and give more time to prayer, not only for myself but for the whole world and to know that no one is vulnerable, unloved, uncared for or unsafe. My growing understanding of God and His loving relationship to every one of His children means that the last weeks have been a time of progress with many lessons learnt and this can continue!

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