True home

About a hundred and fifty years ago, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections” (p. 58 Science and Health).


As a young widow, then later as a divorced woman, she lived in boarding houses, sometimes empty rooms, and was evicted many times, with no place to go. She learned, the hard way, about the one spot on earth where affection is a constant. She learned to make a home wherever she was, just like a turtle who takes his home with him. She learned that we can never be separated from God.


Mrs. Eddy’s poem, “Shepherd, show me how to go” tells us exactly “how” to go. Not where to go, or why, but “how” to go. For me, that means with joy, with trust, with expectancy of good.


Each day is an opportunity to follow where God leads. God speaks to us, and guides us, in many ways. One way, as Mrs. Eddy explains it, is through angels. “Angels,” she describes, are “God’s thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect;” (Science and Health, p. 581). That’s one way He guides us! I know, I’m living in my 117th home.


I think of it as God going ahead of us to prepare the way. Our job, then, is simply to follow. If we’re willing to follow God’s command, and listen for His direction, we’ll always be at home.


We all want to experience comfort, to have a peaceful spot amid trials and challenges, where we can feel secure. And to have a place in which we can invite others to share those feelings of comfort and security. It seems that the more we listen for those angels, and the more we trust those angel thoughts, the more we find the goodness and purity associated with true home.

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