Praying for the whales

A reader writes of her concerns and prayerful thoughts with regard to the recent stranding of 100s of pilot whales near Golden Bay, a remote beach in New Zealand. Many whales died but a last group beached there of around 240 floated off the beaches thanks to a high tide. This reader was cherishing the fact of God being absolutely everywhere and of his deep love for every living thing. This was very much in evidence through the loving care of over 100 volunteers who continually kept the whales' skins moist and cool with endless buckets of water.

A favourite line from a favourite hymn found in the Christian Science Hymnal (page 207) came to her thought. The last line of the second verse reads '....His arm encircles me and mine and all.' This was replaced, temporarily, with '...His arm encircles me and mine and the dear pilot whales'. And she felt this Truth!"

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