Praying and LISTENING for a message.
via The Bible

Needing to settle my thought after hearing the UK financial news that was hitting the headlines,  the words of a verse from Psalms came to thought “My times are in thy hands” (Psalms 31:15)


Looking up the word “times” in the original Hebrew (Strong’s Concordance) I was struck by a few words at the end of the definition.   It said “those who know the times – astrologers, the vicissitudes and thoughts and events.”


It was a wake-up message.   I then remember being told years ago  to pray regularly and specifically that man has dominion over astrological signs.  And that man is not subject to astrological forecasts of being under certain stars which can cause turmoil, disorder and disarray – which is what we, in the UK and the world seem to be subject to.


The following day a friend messaged that her daughter had just said that astrologically the stars were in retreat which causes turmoil and the very disturbances that are being experienced worldwide.


I was grateful for this wake-up call.

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