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‘No Plague Shall Come Nigh Thy Dwelling’

 I was traveling to London by train about 2 weeks ago and there were severe delays as someone had jumped in front of a train and been killed. With a journey that normally takes 30 minutes each way taking almost 3 hours each direction, I admit that my reaction was one of real annoyance. The next week I traveled to London again only to discover that my train journey home was delayed by 2 hours as this time 2 people had jumped in front of trains on the line I was traveling.

 As I stood in the train carriage packed in like a sardine, unable even to move my arms I could feel myself getting very annoyed when I felt like mentally I had been hit over the head.

 Loud and clear was the thought ' last week one person, this week two people, how many more times does this need to happen before you actually start praying about the situation ?'

 Right then, I started to affirm what I know is true about man and the belief of mental illness & suicide. Here are some of the ideas I affirmed and prayed with.  

  • First off, that God gave man dominion- dominion over every thought and action and that these could only be good as 'God saw everything He had made and behold it was very good.’ (Genesis 1)
  • I claimed that ‘Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.' (Science &Health, p 494) Divine Love was meeting whatever need was presenting itself, and that as Love is a synonym for God, I could affirm that God was communicating the way any need was being met to each person whether it was by an angel thought, through another person, a billboard, a line in a song or whatever means was appropriate for each person.
  • I acknowledged that 'Adhesion, cohesion and attraction are properties of Mind.”( Science & Health, p 124) Therefore there could be no false allure of suicide or a belief of many minds or a troubled mind. There is 1 Mind, God good who provides each and every thought to everyone in creation.
  • I affirmed that ‘A spiritual idea has not a single element of error and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive. ‘ (Science & Health, p 463) Thoughts of suicide are certainly offensive and simply can't be part of the child of God. There isn't a 'plague thought' in society about suicide or mental illnes- that it was spreading and difficult to control. Psalm 91 is quite clear that ‘no plague shall come nigh thy dwelling’.

Going forward, each time this situation came to thought, I would firmly claim that each person in God's creation is subject only to the ‘divine powers that be’.

 Before my next train journey to London, I spent time praying specially along these lines. The journeys there and back were uneventful and have continued to be so. Each time I see a headline about mental health in the news, I view it as a call to prayer- to adamantly claim that there is only one Mind- God, and that He lovingly meets every human need.


I’m very grateful that whatever belief presents itself, wherever we are, we can affirm what is really true.

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