Prayers for Australia
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December 19, 2019

In support of those facing the drought, intense heat, smoke haze, and bushfires in Australia, we’ve compiled some articles from The Christian Science Publishing Society’s archives specifically selected for their relevance to what’s going on. Within each one you will find some thoughts about how God’s power has helped those who have faced similar conditions, which we hope will inspire your own prayers today – whether you’re right there in Australia or wishing to help from afar.

In “Australia – just a prayer away,” a woman from Melbourne, writing during another period of severe drought in Australia, explores the power of prayer that affirms God’s love for all, and urges everyone to take part. “No matter where in the world you live,” she notes, “your prayers are beneficial.”

Inspired by the courage of those fighting wildfires, the author of “Undaunted courage” considers how even a glimpse of the power of God, divine Love, arms us with a strength not our own, even when things seem hopeless.

In “After the fires, a ‘still small voice,’” a Californian explores the power of God’s limitless love to support, sustain, and empower individuals and communities, even in the face of overwhelming and tragic situations.

The fullness of God’s love, enough to meet our needs” includes an account of how a woman prayed during a drought when her well was nearly empty – offering practical ideas for experiencing God’s inexhaustible goodness.

And just a sweet thought in this poem titled “Stillness,” which points to the idea that whatever the situation, we can pause to listen for and feel God’s angels, or inspiration, bringing calm. "


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