Prayers for a solution to Brexit


The Bible Lesson, Are Sin, Disease and Death Real? has given me many thoughts regarding the Brexit discussions trying to find a solution that is right for the UK and Europe, whether we leave or stay. It seems that negotiations have reached complete gridlock and it is difficult to see a way forward.

These are just some of the thoughts I had, there were so many ideas.

In the story of Lazarus, when Jesus queried where Lazarus had been laid they said “come and see” (John 11:34) and he was led to the sepulchre, and he wept. Could we see this in the light of when Jesus was led to be tempted of the devil (Matt 4:1)? The people here were trying to tempt him saying “look there is the sepulchre – he is dead!”

Are Brexit negotiations dead and buried, and entombed in a sepulchre of negativity, entrenchment and intransigence?

But Jesus’s demand in the situation was “take ye away the stone” (John 11:39), we could say remove from thought the obstruction that would prevent the demonstration of life and progress, and when this was done in the case of Lazarus he came forth, but still bound (John 11:44). Jesus again demanded a change of thought “Loose him, and let him go”( John 11:44). Of course Jesus knew that in reality Lazarus had never died (S&H 75:13) and this was demonstrated, but there was still that call to those standing by to raise their standard of thought. In relation to Brexit we have the same demand laid on us and as our leader puts it, from the Lesson, “Thought will waken……. to catch this trumpet-word of Truth, “There is… inaction, dis-eased action, overaction, nor reaction” (S&H 427:30).

But how can such opposing views, opinions and factions be brought together? In the Responsive Reading we read in Isaiah (Isa 11:6) “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together;”. Such seemingly impossible animal qualities existing in harmony together - is it possible? Mary Baker Eddy counsels us “Divine Science,…..resolves thingsinto thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas” (S&H 123:12). If the seeming animal qualities are resolved into ideas, and these are just a few, could we say that a wolflike thought which in one sense could be described as cunning but could be elevated to the idea of constructive innovation, blending together with the purity of the lamb. The leopardlike thought be strength combined with the innocence of the kid, and so on, so that all can be seen as perfectly compatible and progressive. Another passage in the Responsive Reading states “behold the Lord God will come with strong hand and his arm shall rule for him: ……. and shall gently lead those that are with young.” (Isa 40:10,11), perhaps we could say, leading those with developing ideas and constructive solutions. Mrs Eddy tells us “all causation is Mind, acting through spiritual law” (S&H 417:13) and in another passage “The depth breadth, height, might majesty and glory of infinite Love fill all space.” (S&H 520:3). Surely when we acknowledge and hold fast to the truth that the divine Mind is present in all the conference and debating rooms we shall see progress.

As the final citation in the lesson states “Christian Science, rightly understood, leads to eternal harmony” (S&H 338:1)."



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