"...my little prayer..."

Read how effective one person's "little prayer" can be...

"I have seen proof that ‘my little prayer’ can and does work in circumstances such as we are seeing on our TV screens at the moment.

I was living in Washington DC in the late 1960s and working in a slum area which had the second worst crime record in America. And yet it was only six blocks from the White House. I was the only white person in the neighbourhood but I was never threatened or scared as I felt that everyone in this run down drug-filled area was grateful for my work with their children. and also for taking an interest in those down and outers on the street—whom I learned later had sent word round that "no one was to touch that white girl as she was helping our kids.”. But I have to say that I did a lot of praying each day before I set out for work

Then came the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King with huge race riots throughout the country,and especially in DC itself. Mobs were destroying property, setting fire to everything and looting—all very close—too close— to our neighbourhood which was on their route to the White House.. I was at first very fearful for my little school and everyone living in the rundown buildings. But I remember putting aside those fears and acknowledging that God was right there on the field, protecting His beloved children, for that was what they all were— and that included the rioters too. Each one could only reflect the qualities that God had bestowed on His beloved child. And I mentally replaced the thoughts of anger, hatred, distrust and destruction knowing that their true characters were filled with peaceful, loving, constructive desires. I was much helped by acknowledging the wonderful promise from the Christian Science textbook, ‘God is everywhere, and nothing apart from Him is present or has power.” (Page 473:8-10)

While the riots continued and did much damage to the country, I was so grateful to discover that the mob had not taken the short cut through our neighbourhood, and everyone and everything, including the church where the school was housed, was untouched, despite terrible destruction elsewhere. I know that it was the affirmation of divine Love’s ever presence that protected this special area and its occupants. Even one’s ‘little prayer ‘ can heal no matter what the situation is."

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