Love reflected in love
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When I read on our Facebook page about the readings which were being prepared for this evening’s meeting on the theme ‘And Love is reflected in love’ I felt impelled to share this tonight.

At the end of last year I read an article about New Year’s resolutions that stated that many people making a resolution were rarely able to sustain them.

On several occasions after I had read the article I found myself thinking about ‘spiritual resolutions’ rather than human resolutions. What could I resolve to do which would increase my understanding that, as a child of God, I reflected and expressed all His spiritual qualities, every day in every way.

‘To love more’ was the answer that came to me and from that point onwards I have focused on expressing more love, every day. I prayed to know and understand that by listening for God’s divine guidance and being alert for opportunities to express more love, patience, gentleness, thoughtfulness, consideration, generosity, politeness, meekness and sensitivity, I would find occasions to express these spiritual qualities.

There have been many occasions where ‘loving more’ has blessed individuals and even groups of people in tangible and unexpected ways. Sometimes the love expressed is in a practical way that directly helps a particular situation and other times I find I am able to support in a quieter and more discreet way.

This has been such a happy and fulfilling resolution and I am finding that almost every day I am able to ‘love more’ and ways unfold in front of me when this can be expressed.

Another aspect of this on-going experience is that I am finding that even more love has been expressed to me in the most unexpected ways. I am so grateful to be witnessing that indeed ‘Love is reflected in love’.

Love reflected in love

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