'Look up: a New Year's resolution you can keep"
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Amelia Newcomb 

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Dear Monitor reader:

Happy New Year!

We hope your holidays have come with plenty of time spent with friends and family – and a little less time staring into a glowing screen. 

We know the feeling: Many of us feel a constant urge to plug in to our devices. 

Some say the root problem is a society where work and leisure blur, where expectations drive constant attention to smartphones.

Why else would Tokyo think to test a subway messaging system connecting pregnant women needing a subway seat with people happy to offer one but oblivious to everything but their devices? Why are American cities boosting fines for pedestrians who wander into traffic, unaware of the world around them? 

Turning to technology can feel like the best escape from a world that feels out of our control and, at times, downright scary. 

Many news outlets reinforce this feeling, looking at the problems and barriers that world events place in our path. 

But the Monitor sees the world differently.

In the Monitor’s journalism, I’m reminded daily of how much good is at work in the world. Even amid the most devastating scenes, whether the Syrian conflict or in the aftermath of a hurricane or as children struggle to do better in school, there’s progress and hope available. 

As our journalism elevates that progress, the more people see what’s truly going on in the world.

How do you focus on the good, on the progress at work, even in a harsh world?

It may be a simple New Year’s resolution: Just look up.
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