'Drought is not beyond our control'
via The Christian Science Sentinel

From the article 'Drought is not beyond our control" by Carolyn B. Swan

"To believe that man lacks anything, when God created man in His likeness, is to misunderstand both God and man. The supposition that life begins materially at the behest of human will, grows awhile if it gets enough water, propagates itself, and then dies, is a baldfaced denial of real Life—and far from the basis of true prayer. God is Life. So the spiritual sense of real life, which emanates directly and incessantly from Him, remains inseparable from its spiritual source and sustenance.

God's creation, including Godlike man, derives directly from and depends solely upon the divine Mind. Could perfect Mind tolerate an insufficiency? Could it allow an inequity or permit the lack that is implied by the concept of drought? Mind's complete and imperishable creation develops and thrives in the ideal atmosphere of unchanging, all-inclusive Love, which is drought-free and flood-free—in fact, rain-free—an atmosphere of spiritual ideas."

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