Creativity in isolation

In these current times I have been thinking a lot about ‘creativity’.

We hear reports in the media of ingenious ways in which so many people are exploring new avenues of doing things with the most unexpected and often amazing results. In the field of volunteering we hear about imaginative and unique ways that are being utilised in order to support communities and share unselfed love, expertise and generosity.

Some businesses have been able to adapt in ways that I am sure they would never have considered before and families now at home for long periods are finding new ways of keeping occupied and fulfilled.

The world of technology has become even more pioneering, generating solutions and of course is proving to be a vital role in the huge arena of communication.

In doing a little more research on creativity I came across this description of some of the qualities of a ‘creative’ person: flexibility, originality, breadth of interest, curiousity, reflection, action, concentration and persistence, commitment and sensitivity.

In the Christian Science Hymnal, the first verse of hymn 275 reads,

Praise now creative Mind

Maker of earth and heaven;

Glory and power to Him belong,

Joy of the sun and skies,

Strength where the hills arise,

So let us praise with joy and song.

In Christian Science we learn that man is the image and likeness of God, and as the reflections of this ‘creative Mind’ we all express the many qualities of creativity. Understanding this means that we will witness God’s qualities brought into our human experience through our expression of them.

A sense of loneliness, lack, boredom, fear and uncertainty can be replaced with ‘joy’, ‘strength’ and ‘praise’ as we acknowledge God’s love and constant presence, bringing comfort, guidance and inspiration.

Inspiration brings ideas and these ideas can lead to practical ways we can express the presence of God, good – every day and in every way!

Mary Baker Eddy founded Christian Science and wrote ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures’. Part of her description of man in this book is ‘that which possesses no life, intelligence, nor creative power of his own, but reflects all that belongs to his Maker’. (p 475)

This description has been my spiritual focus recently. Each day I have been acknowledging all the ways I have seen God’s creativity in action and it has been inspiring to witness this more and more – not only in my experience but in the lives of so many others too.

I have found that old ways of doing things have been replaced with a fresh new approach; my sense of fulfillment and completeness is increasing and my growing understanding that God is the source of my creativity is bringing a sense of peace and purpose.









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