Being prepared for effective praying for the world

From a Christian Scientist...

"In this week's Lesson-Sermon is Jesus feeding the loaves and fishes to the multitude. 

When reading this, I’ve always wondered what Jesus meant when he commanded 5,000 people to “ sit" on the GRASS when earlier his disciples came to him saying “This is a desert place, …” I’ve puzzled that if it’s a desert place it usually means sand, rocks and stones. So then I’ve asked myself, why did Jesus command them to sit on the GRASS?? Was there any grass there ?? 

Looking up the original Greek translation of the word ‘sit’, it is translated as “recline”. Clearly, as was usual at that time, and in that part of the world, Jesus wanted the people to recline in a relaxed and comfortable position, ready to enjoy a full meal which they were about to receive. Jesus saw them not as deprived and hungry (in a desert) but as nourished and fulfilled spiritually (in a verdant, luscious, abundant place) He saw them all, ONLY as spiritual ideas, complete and fulfilled. As we know, the result was a satisfying and abundant meal of loaves and fishes. 

Opening this week’s Lesson, the first Bible verse answered the sad news of the migrants sitting in a boat on the Mediterranean sea, waiting for a country to accept them. Applying the truth I had earlier seen, I realised that I could apply the same spiritual truth as Jesus had used. It didn’t matter whether the location was in the desert near Bethsaida or in the Mediterranean sea, migrants wherever they are, are not walking through a desert. or sitting in the middle of an ocean, in reality they are spiritual and therefore safe, secure, nourished and reclining in the GRASS of God’s great abundant care. 

I’m so grateful, that if I take quiet, listening time, Christ Jesus’ teachings and Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual explanations lift me to a higher mental place where I am nourished, so I’m better prepared when news comes through the media - for healing."

(To find an explanation of 'Lesson Sermon' go to and follow the link to Bible lesson.)

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