"Year by year, Thy hand hath brought us on through dangers oft unknown".

A line in a much-loved hymn reads, "Year by year, Thy hand hath brought us on through dangers oft unknown".

Many years ago, I experienced a wonderful instance of protection, when I innocently walked into a potentially dangerous situation. This incident occurred one day when our children were at school, and I had gone into the local town to do some shopping. Returning home earlier than planned, I walked into the hall and instantly heard a noise coming from the dining-room. Knowing that my husband was at work, I felt immediately something was wrong. Although my instinct was to stay put and not investigate the cause of the noise, something made me move through the sitting-room into the dining-room...only to be confronted by a young man about to climb into the room from an open window. For a split second, we just looked at each other...I seemed to be rooted to the spot, and just couldn't move. With hindsight, I believe that what had appeared to be a bold stance on my part had spooked the intruder, and he suddenly backed away, jumped down from the window into the garden, and raced off down the road.

I was in shock, and immediately reached out to God for support. The thought came to me, "Wherever I go, divine Love is with me". I didn't know what to do next, but then decided to ring my husband first, who said he'd be home as soon as possible, and then I rang a Christian Science practitioner, as I was in quite a state, and felt the need for some prayerful support. Finally, I rang the police, who arrived very quickly with a police dog, forensic equipment, and so forth. During all this time, I just felt that Mind had been at the helm, keeping me safe from harm. As the hymn says, "Still Thine arm has been around me, All my paths are in Thy sight".

Within a few hours, the fear and shock had lifted, we had tidied up the dining-room, and peace of mind was quickly restored.

We read in Isaiah, "And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear". I shall always be grateful for this instance of protection, and for being able to turn to my Father-Mother at any moment, and whenever a need arises.

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