In last week’s lesson [Substance] the verse from Psalms “forget not all his benefits” got me thinking about the word “benefits” and how everyone can be benefited in whatever way they need.   We all have benefits, we just have to recognise and be grateful for them.  

Later, at the supermarket one of the assistants was slicing some food and dropped the lot on the floor. She was really upset.  I sensed she felt she’d let down her professional expertise as I believe all the assistants are highly trained on this counter.

I quickly said to her “Oh don’t worry, when similar things happen to me I just tell myself to think I’m reading a book and to turn over the page and start the next chapter and drop the blame bit.”    She paused, and looking thoughtfully at me said “would you repeat that” which I did slowly. I could see she was taking it in.  We then had a lovely chat and I explained it a bit more. She thanked me with a very warm smile.

Thinking about this later it occurred that the inspiration we get in our prayers each day has a two part role. Its not just for us and our needs, we have to EXPECT that we’ll have an opportunity to benefit others during the day with what has inspired us - however small.

I thought of it like the structure of a piece of woven cloth. Our prayer is the warp and the help another receives, is the weft. Both are needed to make up cloth.  Keeping inspiration to ourselves – the warp – won’t produce cloth until it has the weft – which is the blessing to someone else.   They are essential to each other.

Often its not the time to get into deep metaphysical discussions with someone but I like to think that any helpful ideas we may share with them are like seed planting which the next person they meet will then provide the next stage - the sunshine and water of their thoughts. Each of us giving out a healing atmosphere of thought like a baton for the next person to carry forward.A

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