Uplift your thought

A couple of weeks ago I felt extremely uncomfortable internally. Although this condition had improved a little over a few days I became more and more mentally heavy burdened and quite depressed. I seemed to be most comfortable lying down but one day I really felt I needed to get out into some fresh air. Reluctantly, I got dressed and said to my husband that I wouldn’t be long, as I doubted I’d be able to walk very far.

I had been praying to know that as God’s children and His spiritual reflections we were all protected and free from any fear, pain or dismay. As I started to walk, I began by saying the words to myself of hymn 139 in the Christian Science hymnal – the first verse is:

I walk with Love along the way

And O! It is a holy day;

No more I suffer cruel fear;

I feel God’s presence with me here;

The joy that none can take away Is mine,

I walk with Love today.

This seemed a good start – feeling God’s presence and the claiming that a sense of joy is mine to express! However it was the third verse that really roused my thought.

Come, walk with Love along the way,

Let childlike trust be yours today;

Uplift your thought, with courage go

Give of your heart’s rich overflow,

And peace shall crown your joy filled day.

Come, walk with Love along the way.

The word ‘uplift’ really stood out like a beacon at that very moment, to the point that it literally stopped me in my tracks - that was what I needed to do – lift up my thought above pain and fear, doubt and a feeling of responsibility as a wife, mother and grandmother.

I realised too, that my head had been lowered and my shoulders hunched during the first stage of my walk so I physically adjusted this somewhat depressed, burdened stance and walked on with more strength, energy and purpose. It proved to be an uplifting time of prayer, gratitude and spiritual refreshment.

I was very surprised to see that I had walked quite some distance and been out for much longer than I had anticipated. When I arrived back home I felt mentally strengthened and comforted and later in the evening all the internal discomfort completely vanished.

I am so grateful for the angel message from God that so acutely focused my prayer on the word ‘uplift’ - lifting up my thinking above what I seemed to be experiencing at that time and for the healing that took place.

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