Seek diligently until you find, and rejoice!

I wish to express gratitude for 'angels' that help us when we are experiencing a difficulty.

Prior to Christmas, on Friday, 23 December, I was putting out some paper and cardboard for recycling. The bin had already been moved to the pavement and, with bag in hand, I opened up the lid of the bin to put in the bag's contents. I was also holding my house keys in the hand that lifted the lid: in a jiffy, they slipped out of my hand and disappeared.   

The bin was brimful, and I was left with no alternative other than to take out the contents and sift through them until I found my keys.  At that moment the gardener arrived in his van. He was not expected on that day, but was coming to deliver a Christmas card. Immediately he came to my aid and brought a large container, normally used for holding fallen leaves, and placed it alongside the bin so that we could put the contents in it as we searched.

Well we searched and searched and finally, when the bin was empty, could see no sign of the keys. The gardener said that he was now concerned, and then I turned quietly and wholeheartedly to pray. The parable of the lost coin: Luke 15:8-10 which relates the story of the woman who swept her house clean looking for a lost coin, came to thought.

In that instant, I was led to look down at the other side of the bin where I had unknowingly placed the bag with its contents that I had intended to empty, but had not done so after dropping the keys. At once, I searched the bag and there they were at the bottom. Now I could get into my home. The gardener was so pleased and, I know that he had noticed me deep in thought just before tracing the keys. Of course, the message of this parable is 'Seek diligently until you find the Truth, and rejoice.'


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