Practising Grace

One of the definitions of GRACE I've appreciated is "the ability to know when to terminate." There appears to be such a need for more GRACE today.

This definition must have resonated when I was shopping at sale time.

A crowd of customers were frantically rummaging through items on a large counter. I saw just the thing I needed, put out my hand to pick it up when a woman next to me pushed me out of the way and grabbed it from me. I stopped still, surprised but not daunted and that definition of GRACE tucked away was ready to help because I found myself thinking "NO - stop right now I'm not going to try and take it back from her! "

It was interesting that the woman became calm, put the item back on the counter, obviously it wasn't what she thought she needed, so that I was able to then buy it, while knowing that she, too, would find what she needed.

To me this was an example of GRACE, to pause and not push to try to make something happen.

Today, GRACE is more needed than ever. Listening to others rather than getting our point over; pausing and not pushing when shopping; and the many other ways we can first wait on God to direct us.

In this high speed digital age slowing down with more GRACE would benefit us all and I'm sure we'd be more peaceful and happier.

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