Not Isolated

As we navigate our way through the challenges thrown up by the coronavirus outbreak, several official-sounding phrases pop up with increasing regularity in the Government’s daily directives to the British people...”self-isolating”, “social distancing”, “lockdown”, and so on, all engendering fear and concern among the population.

While I was thinking about the “self-isolating” scenario, I suddenly recalled that Mrs. Eddy uses the word “isolated” in her seminal work, Science and Health. She writes, “Man is not an isolated, solitary idea, for he represents infinite Mind, the sum of all substance”. What a healing approach to the threat of “isolation”! How can we ever feel isolated or solitary, knowing that we “represent infinite Mind, the sum of all substance”?

Pondering the idea of being alone, a few lines from a much-loved poem dropped into thought. In COUNT DOWN TO SUNRISE, Rosemary Cobham writes that man is “loved and loving, knowing no coming or going, ALONE, but not LONELY in the infinite family of Spirit”. I just love the thought that even when “self-isolating” or in “lockdown”, we can never be lonely or alone in the infinite family of our Father-Mother God.

As a hymn gently reassures us,

“Love is true solace and giveth joy for sorrow, O, in that light, all earthly loss is gain...”

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