No Lockdown or separation

One of the things that the world, is facing today is the belief of separation, - separation of whites and black, the haves and the have nots, conservative and labour, republican and democrat; this concept of separation appears in division in religion, in politics and even in families. This sense of separation shouts at us telling us that we are separated from God and from our fellow man. The effect of "Lock-downs" often causes separation in families, and among friends and we are even separated from our fellow man by 2 metres in social distancing. All these things are telling us that basically we can be separated from God, good. It sends the message we are lonely, unloved, depressed and unfulfilled; that we are "locked down" in separation. Many have found the counterfact of this suggestion in hymn number 501 in the Christian Science Hymnal.

I love Your way of freedom, Lord,

To serve You is my choice;

In Your clear light of Truth I rise

And, listening for Your voice,

I hear Your promise old and new,

That bids all fear to cease:


“My presence still shall go with you

And I will give you peace.”



Though storm or discord cross my path

Your power is still my stay,

Though human will and woe would check

My upward-soaring way;

All unafraid I wait, the while

Your angels bring release,

For still Your presence is with me,

And You do give me peace.


I climb, with joy, the heights of Mind,

To soar o'er time and space;

I yet shall know as I am known

And see You face to face.

Till time and space and fear are naught

My quest shall never cease,

Your presence ever goes with me

And You do give me peace.


We can defeat that "locked down" feeling of loneliness and separation by recognising and being grateful for every evidence of good in our lives, because gratitude leaves no room for negative thinking or lack.

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