A Christian Science practitioner once said to me,  "Mind's placement and timing is going on. You can trust it". At the time, our family was praying about a situation which needed just the right sense of placement and timing, and her words really resonated with me. I companioned daily with this thought, and have found it a great source of comfort ever since.


Recently, I had a very small experience which illustrated the perfect synchronicity of PLACEMENT and TIMING, under Mind's direction.    I had been to the dentist, and on leaving, I had asked the receptionist for a piece of paper so that I could make a note of my next check-up appointment.  She wrote the details down on one of their compliment slips, which I tucked into my handbag.


My next port of call was the local supermarket, where I needed a handful of items.  I could have paid for them at the self-service check-out, but for some reason, I found myself moving towards one particular check-out counter.   I began chatting to the lady on the till, and in passing , mentioned that I'd just been to the dentist.  With that, she opened up in great detail about her life-long fear of dentists, how she hadn't had dental treatment in many years, but knew the time had come to find a dentist to deal with a severe toothache.


Instantly, I remembered the dentist's compliment  slip in my handbag, listing all their relevant details. I took it out of my bag, handed it to the check-out lady, and said,  "I can't recommend my dentist highly enough!   She will be just the gentle, understanding person you will need to help you deal with your fear of dental treatment!" .   I think if the lady had been able to reach  across the counter, she would have hugged me...she was visibly moved to have been given the information she was needing at that moment, and said she would contact my dentist as soon as she got home.


As I walked out of the supermarket that morning, I felt so grateful that God had met this dear lady's need so effortlessly.  We can always trust Mind's placement and timing, which is ever in operation on our behalf.

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