Love's Care

Have you ever had one of those situations where things come together so smoothly that when you look back, you stand in awe at how our Father-Mother loving takes such good care of us?

I had 2 such experiences recently that I want to share. The first happened about 2 weeks ago. It felt right to run an errand, though I was hesitant as I was uncertain if I was doing it out of human will or if it was the right thing for me to do. I had spent part of the morning in deep prayer, acknowledging that my sole objective for the day ahead was to express God - in everything I did and said. I was delayed leaving to start the errand, and as I walked out the door, a friend arrived, eager to give me a hand with it and a few minutes later we were on our way.

She kept remarking what a coincidence it was that she had shown up when she did. I knew that it was God, Love taking care of me. A short while later, we parted ways, and next thing I knew I had slipped apparently on some plastic and was down on the pavement. I was quite surprised, but almost instantly, the angel thought came that our Father Mother’s love wasn’t variable - at my home, but not with me on the pavement. Love is ever-present and consistent. Within a few moments, I was up on my feet and within 15 minutes, any traces of scratches and bruising were gone. I went on my way rejoicing.

The second experience relates to preparations for upcoming overseas family celebrations In spite of best efforts to keep God foremost in the plans and activities, the ‘To Do’ lists seemed to be growing faster than they were being ticked off! On Saturday morning, it felt right to go for a walk with my husband, rather than continue to plow through the lists. (Included on the lists were purchasing some less common items.) We picked a country walk which passed through a few places to eat. Imagine my surprise when we walked past a shop selling a specialist type of shirt which was on my list. This turned to amazement, when we passed another shop that was partially a women’s clothing shop and partially a haberdashery! I had committed to sewing a pair of summer trousers for my daughter, and had thought I’d need to make a special trip to find fabric and notions. I hadn’t been certain of where I would find the time to go to shop for either of these items. Who would have thought that a little village with 3 small eateries would have had 2 shops that exactly met my needs? Clearly God did!

I was awestruck at how the Father Mother meets our every need. Yet, while on the surface this seemed to be a meeting of a human need, I realise looking back that this is an example of Mrs Eddy’s statement from Science & Health on page 264 “As mortals gain more correct views of God and man, multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible. “ 

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