Inspiration from a meeting

The meeting last Thursday with the Christian Science Board of Directors in London gave me much to think about and the theme of “the divine energy of Spirit” kept coming to me that night and over the next day or two it kept popping up in thought. I had felt a wonderful sense of unity and of moving forward together as one at that meeting. I pondered how very helpful it is to be able to come together and have the encouragement of sharing inspiration with others.

One of the main reasons why I decided to move to Surrey is because I felt a need to attend and participate in church services more readily. I find it encouraging to be with others who are also sincerely seeking spiritual healing and guidance in their lives, and to feel the support and love of church.

In looking for a new home I have been much helped this week by a line from one of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns (No.206, “O, gentle presence”). What immediately spoke to me was, “Seeking and finding, with the angels….” which seemed to say I could expect to seek with the angels and have them direct my every thought and movement through the day! Then the finding with the angels must also follow as I know that God is All. I am continuing to work with this and find it very reassuring.

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