How first taking care of my neighbour’s need blessed us both

My neighbour asked if I could give her a ride to an appointment which I happily agreed to do.  

Earlier that morning a man was due to give us a quote for work at our home.  He didn’t turn up!

In thinking of the best way my neighbour, with a walking difficulty, could get into the car, I decided to park the car in an opposite direction to how I would normally leave the street,  so she could access on the pavement side.  This would mean driving down the street in the other direction.   As we did – a group of workmen blocking the road caused us to stop and I asked if anyone knew  …..   A man answered and apologised for forgetting  our earlier appointment and said he’d be round later  - which went very successfully.

Why this was a particularly important appointment that we meet together, was that in an earlier phone conversation he told me of a serious health condition that had just been diagnosed.  On hearing this I printed out a beautiful healing of this same condition from JSH-Online which I had ready to give him.  He was surprised when I handed him the envelope and said he’d certainly read what was in it.

I think this might be called  “Church in Action!”    


(Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash)

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