Healing after a fall

We have just returned from a family holiday in the Cotswolds, and while there, I was reminded of a healing I had on a previous holiday in this lovely part of the world. On this particular day, we had decided to explore one of the beautiful villages in the area. We had parked along a grass verge in the high street, and I was the first one to get out of the car. In my mind's eye, I was aware of the grass verge, and then a tarmac pavement running alongside it. As I moved from the grass to what I thought was the pavement, I suddenly found myself literally flying through the air. What I had perceived to be the pavement was in fact a 4-foot drop to the hard tarmac below. I landed with the full force of my weight along the left side of my body.

Almost immediately, I was surrounded by several concerned passersby, and heard their reaction to the accident. "Did you hit your head? You should get to the hospital immediately, you might have concussion", said one onlooker. Another one talked about the possibility of broken or fractured bones, and that I should seek immediate medical attention. By that time, my family were at my side, and I was able to assure the passersby that I was all right, and that my family would take care of me.

One of my first thoughts as I hit the pavement was, "No! This is not going on in God's kingdom!" Mrs. Eddy's words came clearly to thought that "accidents are unknown to God..." She also says, "When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, "I am hurt!". Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real..."

It seemed wise to have the numerous cuts and wounds cleaned and dressed professionally, and just yards away, we found the local chemist. The pharmacist could not have been more caring as she applied numerous dressings to the affected areas, although she also advised me to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

As we drove back to the hotel, I was able to call a Christian Science practitioner, who lovingly agreed to help me through prayer. I remember that we talked about the three Hebrew boys who had been cast into the burning fiery furnace...they must have seen so clearly that their true identities as God's ideas could never be harmed or damaged in any way, and as a result of this clear understanding, they emerged unscathed from their fiery ordeal.

Although initially it was not easy to sleep, and there was much bruising and other evidences of a mishap, remarkably I was able to continue with our holiday plans, with no interruption to our happy family time. I was very much aware of the family's loving support, and I stayed in close contact with the practitioner. Each passing day saw visible improvement and the lessening of pain and bruising. The remainder of the holiday was a peaceful and joyful time, and we all rejoiced in the clear evidence of healing.

In the book MARY BAKER EDDY: CHRISTIAN HEALER, our Leader wrote these words to one of her students in 1905:

"Take up accidents as impossible in Truth - there is no falling in truth, and accidents do not occur. Nothing is accidental, but all is law and order in God, and you live and move in Mind, in Spirit, not matter..."

For this "pearl of great price", Christian Science, I am forever grateful.

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