I would like to paraphrase an idea, that I love, from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science;

" is my confidence that is inspired by Truth and Love, not circumstances"

Over the past few years this truth has been felt by me. I have been house bound during this time and have had very necessary help from many dear people. I have found that relying on certain people for certain things sometimes disrupts the status quo of life as I see that MY planning is dealt an abrupt change.

However I do hope I'm learning and I repeat, I HOPE I am learning that there's really only God and His or Her plan for each of His perfect expressions of each of us, in other words there's really only God.

Sooo as I mentally daily sing to myself  and mean it, one of Mrs Eddy's hymns which begins 'Shepherd show me how to go..' ; not, where, when or why, but literally in what way or manner, my reliance is slowly but surely becoming centered on our dear Father's will being done, not mine and beautifully harmony is constantly expressed as one of Gods laws in every instance.

As we may all have found in our feelings of gratitude it's quite hard to express how deeply this is felt, when time after time God's care shines through and all is well. 

Thank you dearest Father-Mother God.

Jeanie Satterwhite
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Claygate, England.

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