For many years, we had a CD at home which I had never got round to listening to.  It's a collection of hymns called GRACENOTES, by the New Song Group.

Some time ago, a dear friend of ours spent a period in hospital, and she found it difficult to read or study the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings, while dealing with various physical problems.  On one of our visits, she said she was finding the nights particularly challenging, as she wasn't sleeping much.  My husband remembered our copy of the GRACENOTES CD, and promised to bring it with us on our next visit to the hospital.

Armed with an MP3 player and a memory stick of the GRACENOTES hymns, we gave it to our friend the following week, and that little memory stick simply became a lifeline during her time in hospital.  Using a pair of headphones, she was able to quietly listen to the hymns throughout the night, and many times during the day.  Finding GRACENOTES such an inspiration, she later gave copies of the CD to several of her friends, who are not Christian Scientists.

Little did I know that our friend's experience would have a direct impact on me when I faced a physical challenge a while ago.  Finding myself confined to bed for a fortnight, and not able to easily read the Bible Lesson or other Christian Science material, I remembered GRACENOTES, and what a difference it had made to our friend during her time of trial.  I asked my husband to kindly set me up with an MP3 player and the GRACENOTES memory stick, and from then on, the CD became my constant companion, especially at night.  It brought comfort and inspiration and healing during a challenging time, and I am so grateful for this practical evidence of divine Love's care.

Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health,  "Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth or Love - be it song, sermon or Science -  blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ's table..."

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