Moving from 'feeling' to 'knowing' good

I felt an irritation and kept scratching as if something had bitten me, and there was nothing.   I then discovered it was internal as if there was a thorn or bramble inside me.   Paul in the bible came to thought as I’d understood he’d had a pain in his side, throughout his life.   He was a man who felt deeply about everything but eventually felt God’s power which changed his life. I realised that I needed to do more than feel for the people in Israel and Gaza where the war had just broken out.  I had to know that God’s love and supreme power of only good was governing everyone whatever horrific reports were being reported.  I had to feel the warmth and peace of that love and know it was the spiritual reality.     A statement I love came to thought  “Pain is the urge of God for fuller expression.”   I saw that truth was all that was going on for me and everyone.    All the irritation and pain left me and I realised I was free. 

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