Easter doesn't have a sell-by date

“I’d been given an Easter chocolate bunny which was rather big for me to cope with so I put it in a cupboard  knowing as it was given to me with love then it it would bless someone as  “Love is reflected in love”  

A week later one of those hard-working ladies rang the doorbell with an internet delivery.  Somehow we got talking about what we’d done over Easter and she sadly told me that she now only had one brother (the other one had died) and he’d given her an Easter egg and she was so excited and waiting to eat it – but her dog had scoffed the lot!  She was SO sad and from her appearance her funds were tight.   So I remembered my chocolate bunny sitting in the cupboard and told her to wait while I fetched something.   As I gave it to her I said “it was waiting for her and don’t let that doggy of yours eat it! ”  She was overcome and so grateful and I was thrilled that ‘bunny’ had found a new home!


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