Asking and Receiving

With the growing buzz of social media and it seems, our reduced ability to be peaceful, I've been wanting to find a spiritual antidote to this pressure that would give me more "thought quietness." As a child, Mary Baker Eddy often talked to God. Later when she understood more of God's healing power, she immediately took her questions to Him and always got an answer. Thinking of this, I decided I needed to do a better job at being still and listening to God. Recently, needing an answer to an important legal decision and wanting to follow MBE's example, I asked God what I should do. Every time, the answer came back "I will." I was puzzled because this only seemed part of the answer. I reasoned that If it was God's will, I could expect a complete answer. When God speaks, it's always crystal clear! Many months later, still praying and waiting for a complete answer to my legal question, this sentence in the Lesson Sermon jumped out at me. "I will come to you." (John 14:18) That was it - the full answer I needed! I immediately saw I didn't need to make the decision, I just had to wait patiently for God to come to me with an answer to my quandary - and He did. I dropped fretting and thanked God. The answer did come to me - it was right there in the Lesson Sermon.

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