A new home

The Bible assures us,  “I go to prepare a place for you”.   This truth was very much in thought when our eldest son, Michael, began thinking of moving last year.  He had outgrown the little period cottage where he had lived happily for the previous three years, and the time seemed right for him to move to somewhere more spacious.   The cottage was duly put on the market, and the estate agents were confident that it would sell very quickly.


A steady stream of viewers came to see the cottage over the weeks…everyone loved it, and it seemed only a matter of time before an offer would be forthcoming. But the weeks turned into months, and the cottage remained on the market.


It was hard for Michael  and the family not to feel frustration and disappointment at this apparent lack of progress, especially as by now our son had found a flat he was keen to purchase.  He had asked a Christian Science practitioner for her support during this time, and was grateful for her many words of encouragement.  “Progress is the law of good.  We can trust it.  God’s shaping is perfect.  We cannot outline what God’s plan for Michael is.  Watch God at work bringing all right ideas into view”.



Then, one day, much to his delight, our son received a firm offer for the cottage, and on the strength of this development, he immediately put in his offer on the flat of his dreams…at last everything was falling into place!  But to his utter dismay, the offer on his property fell through barely a week later, and so he had no option but to let his dream flat go…a crushing disappointment for him, and the family.  The practitioner continued to be gentle but firm in her confidence that God’s plan for Michael was in operation, and we should just trust in God’s provision.  She said in so many words,  “It is sometimes puzzling why things don’t work out the way we imagine or want them to, but our loving Father does have the big view and the big plan for us.   It is only OUR planning and outlining that brings disappointment.   Only Mind’s placement and timing is going on.  You can trust it”. 


About six months after the cottage was placed on the market, a retired lady came to view the property, and she said it was just what she was looking for.  Her daughter lived round the corner, and she was keen to move from Newcastle to be closer to her family.  Michael immediately knew this was the buyer he’d been waiting for.   The practitioner had continually reassured him over the months that it would only take one buyer, and God would send that one.


At around this time, Michael became aware of a beautiful flat nearby which had just come back on the market, and which ticked all the boxes.  Without hesitation, he put in an offer, which was accepted.  All the transactions went through quickly and harmoniously, and by the New Year, Michael was happily settled in his light, spacious new home, just ten minutes walk from us.


We read in the Bible,  “God understandeth the way thereof, and He knoweth the place thereof”.  For the spiritual lessons learned in the unfoldment of our son’s new home, we are truly grateful.  

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