Wednesday Testimony Meeting 7.30 start

Wednesday Meetings take place at 8:00pm, at our Church Building. This meeting is on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Sam Pennells from Elmbridge Rentstart, a local charity which helps homeless people to find suitable accommodation and support them as long as they need it, recently contacted our church along with other churches in the borough, pointing out that Sunday January 28th is officially 'Homeless Sunday 2018', and asking churches to support their mission in prayer and in other practical ways. Sam has accepted our invitation to come and give a short presentation about the work they do in our local community.

He is coming on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 24TH at 7.30pm and will speak before the start of the testimony meeting. The readings that evening will reflect the presentation and will be on 'Home'.

The hymns we will be singing are: 

278 - Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee,

174 - Like as a mother, God comforteth His children;

499 - I am the Lord, there is none else; There is no God beside Me.

This is a very special opportunity for us to support our local community in this specific way, by listening to Sam and then giving a spiritual perspective on 'home'.  

Members will also have the opportunity to donate to this charity at the end of the meeting if they would like to.  You may also like to read an article from the Christian Science Monitor - Home is a power

We look forward to as many of you as possible attending this meeting at church which will start at 7.30pm