Wednesday Testimony Meeting

Wednesday Meetings take place at 8:00pm, at our Church Building. This meeting is on Wednesday, 16 August 2017

This week’s JHS-Online ‘Tip of the Week’ is: Connecting with The Christian Science Monitor.

“JSH-Online often features an article about how people are engaging with The Christian Science Monitor. The articles share ideas on how readers can connect with the Monitor’s mission and content in their prayers for the world, as well as sharing what the Monitor has meant to them. Look for articles marked with the yellow Monitor banner in the homepage carousel. This week’s featured article is “‘Be still, and know …’ A victory over community violence.” This appeared in the July 10 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.

The citations to be read from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook at our Wednesday meeting this week take up the theme of our branch church’s resolution to use the Christian Science Monitor as our agenda for praying for the world.  The hymn numbers for the meeting are: 120, 73 & 175