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Sunday 18th November 2018

This week

A recording of the last Testimony Meeting is available online until Wednesday evening. The readings were on the subject of praying for children in need.

This week's testimony meeting will be held in the church at 8pm. You are welcome to join us either in the church or online through the Zoom system. The readings will examine Jesus's command, "Be not afraid." 

This week's Sunday Service: Each week Christian Scientists study one of twenty six subjects covering the basic teachings of Christian Science. They were provided by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. The topic we are studying this week is, 'Mortals and Immortals.'


Monday 31st December 2018


Our Sunday service and Sunday school are held at 10.30am

The Wednesday Testimony Meeting is held at 8pm.  

Do join us either at our church or online.

A recording of our services and meetings are also available online.